Monrudee Gettuphan IAP, General Manager of Phuket International Airport.

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Monrudee Gettuphan

IAP, General Manager of Phuket International Airport.

The new look of Phuket International Airport has become the talk of the town after it launched its first test flight, in time before the grand
opening in June 2016. Many people will enjoy the new look of its modern, beautiful design not to mention the panoramic view of the ocean.
The vision of airport management is to provide activities and services that will impress all passengers and users of the airport. Daily
operations will be guided by and under the reins of Khun Monrudee Gettuphan.

Khun Monrudee was born in Bangkok and graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University. She began her career in the
aviation sector of a security department, where she soon moved up to the position of public relations manager. She moved to
administration management where she helped the Airport of Thailand become a company.
She eventually found herself in the Foreign Affairs department (Out Bound – In Bound) in 2015, a position she thought she would stay in until
retirement. But as fate may have it, she was drawn far away from her home all the way to Phuket, a coastal city where new airport users
awaited. As the new director of Phuket International Airport (in 2015) she not only had the challenge of adjusting to a new airport, but also
being one of six female directors in the airports of Thailand. *Upon a new contract guarantee, she was promoted from director to general
manager of the airport.

The most impressive thing in life
Getting my test license to become the general manager of a public airport. The airport planed to deliver a certificate on January 14, 2015.
When an airport has a certificate, the person who looks after the airport must have a license as well. Normally, it takes the average person
several months for studying and multiple times for testing, however, for me, I had very little time and only one chance to pass the test
before the airport’s flight testing on January 9. I had one opportunity and I was very proud that I was able to accomplish this.

Retirement plan
I plan to visit Europe and have a limitless amount of time to spend there. I want to recharge myself after working so hard for almost my
entire life. Because I am so driven and I like to work hard, I was given a nickname, Mondi 24/7, which means working 24 hours, 7 days a
week. However, I have the attitude to look at work like food- after I finish eating, I will feel full, and when I’m full it means I have recharged my
work life.

Something for our readers?
‘All problems can be solved’ is a philosophy of life that can always be used. I believe that when a problem is fixed, everything will get better.
At work, I want everyone to be happy so I do my best to acknowledge all problems that arise from any of my staff members. Everyone is
able to contact me directly and I make my staff feel that I’m easily approachable. Then, when I know the problem, I find a way to fix it. As a
result, all employees in the airport work happily and without worry. I always believe that every single problem can be solved. Sometimes it
depends on the period of time or the way you fix it, but if you don’t give up, it will always work.